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Admissions of students without regard to race, color


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3400 W. 6th Street. #200

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“But as for you, continue in what you have learned
and have become convinced of”

Founding Philosophy

Emmanuel University is an independent private institution of higher learning, organized as a non-profit educational institution under the Corporation Laws of the State of California. The founding philosophy of Emmanuel University is to provide education in which its professional undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of theology and Christian counseling to prepare individuals with a wealth of knowledge and biblical truth and understanding.

History of the University 

Emmanuel University is a co-educational institution of higher education for individuals desiring a college education. The university was organized under California Corporation Law as a non-profit corporation.

Emmanuel University was established in the fall of 2004 as a religious exempt degree granting institution from the Bureau and since then, has retained the exempt status.


Emmanuel University is intent on helping students prepare themselves to pursue their careers and become leaders in their communities. It is the goal of Emmanuel University to provide comprehensive education, as well as, professional training towards the award of an undergraduate or graduate degree. Emmanuel University focuses mainly on academic excellence with its faith-based, well-structured curricula that will result in highly knowledgeable and prepared graduates.



The fundamental objectives of the Emmanuel University prepare its students to become professionals who:

  • Are broadly educated with biblical, historical, and theological dimensions of the Gospel.
  • Acquire competent knowledge concerning all aspects of Christian ministry essential for becoming ordained ministers, Christian educators, evangelists, missionaries, and lay leaders.
  • Appreciate with discernment the breadth of ideas and creative expressions that have shaped humanity.
  • Hold and apply a biblically-based system of values and beliefs, and ultimately articulate and live out a biblical worldview.
  • Develop a commitment to cross-cultural understanding and engagement in order to function and serve in a diverse world.
  • Will be able to earn a professional graduate degree in ministries or Christian Counseling such as, Master of Divinity, Master of Christian Counseling, Master of Missionary, Master of Theology, Doctor of Christian Counseling, Doctor of Ministry, and Doctor of Theology.
  • Will stimulate and develop their intellectual, critical and analytical abilities, and to foster their commitment to life-long learning.
  • Engage in the vocations as faithful stewards of God’s calling.