3400 W. 6th Street. #200. Los Angeles, CA 90020

Admissions of students without regard to race, color



3400 W. 6th Street. #200

Los Angeles, CA 90020

10:00 - 16:00

Monday to Thursday

President’s Message

“But as for you, continue in what you have learned
and have become convinced of”

Choosing a program for undergraduate and graduate school is a critical choice, one that will greatly influence the purpose,  direction, and shape of your life and professional career.

Emmanuel University is a place to sharpen your intellect, hone your skills, deepen your faith, and grow as an individual. It is a warm and caring community, both exciting and dynamic. 

Graduate education at Emmanuel University is a careful process founded on these four cornerstones: Christ, Scholarship, Community, and Services. 

We are called to teach by our Christian faith. We are committed to teaching excellence, juxtaposing the theoretical against the practical, for we are dedicated to the education of the whole person who lives and works in the marketplace. We value our professional offerings which equip students for specific professions. 

We believe in community. We are richly diverse people who value the worth of each individual. Our missions is to encourage, equip, and enable each student to discover and fulfill his or her great potential, and in turn, become encourager, equippers, and enablers of other. 

Service is at the heart of our outreach and missions emphases. We encourage each student to live out a calling to servant leadership.
Belief in Christ is central to all that we think and do. It is the understanding of God’s love for the world and the belief that “all truth is God’s truth” that informs all our pursuits: spiritual, academic, service and community oriented. 

With optimism and faith in God’s grace, we are prepared to meet the challenges of the coming century in our complex and troubled world. As you prepare to meet these challenges, I pray that God will guide and go with you through these critical choices. 

Be confident in yourself! Opportunity only comes to those who are optimistic. Age cannot be a barrier unless you make it so. If any of you have missed the chance to study in your youth, here is your chance now. Emmanuel University will be glad to receive students of all ages, with passion to study. Only those who are willing to learn earnestly could harvest the sweet fruits. 

Kumsik Yeu