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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

HTP Drawing Test

HTP (Figure Inspection) overview of

HTP test House, Tree, Person In other words, house Tues, Wed cotton, portraits and nature of the judicial inspection is a field-to-diagnose.
Figure test (drawing test), mainly to see the pictures of the children studied to characterize diagnostic Cozad long one adult or specialization can be applied to the picture. Because the green man’s hearing projection (projection), as well as be a defense mechanism (defense mechanism) is due to appear.
HTP Test in 1948 Buck, JN since it was introduced by Machover, K.Osgler, H. Hammer, EFKoch, C.Rambert, MLGood enough, FL, such as the study of the back followed in Japan Chisato Poison (浅利笃), phase stop (霜田静志), daeban no (大伴茂), anchon medium (安村重己) high school ahchun (高桥雅春) as the research and gimjaeeun in Korea, Kim, gimtaeryeon, bakjaemyeong, such studies have imhyeongjin.
However, most child shoes Study on, and portraits biased toward the remaining houses Tues, Wed cotton side open mouth found hard to sleep, and ready or analysis standards that can be used as a Mach over and stand banmu (大伴茂), gimjaeeun as few of only due to poor standardized test, so diagnosis is difficult to expect Tues youth and adults from the study because the picture did not actively test in the diagnosis of the nature of one comes will be cautious.

Ⅱ. HTP test the actual

One. Note

HTP useful means of diagnosis through examination of the nature, but out of personal and mechanical analysis of the clinical diagnosis should be aware of, and in a sense, with reference to other standardized tests should be interpreted carefully considered iteurira to achieve the effect.
In other words, HTP When utilizing test MMPI, TAT, SCT, Rorschach Ink-Blot Test, including analysis of the results and to extract the common denominator to diagnose the error can be reduced. HTP diagnosed through examination by nature a figure that determines everything in one chapter, or that this judgment should not be an expression (all-or-none).

Two. How to conduct

HTP test subjects to the house, trees, people, etc. Chapter 4, draw a picture to liberalize the men and women young and old alike, and no subject more intimacy and honest and free to express the state of mind, as well as the susceptibility of the patient through the HTP , maturation, plasticity, integration and more efficient to get information and to interact with nature and the environment can be inferred because.
When tested for HTP 16 arthropods (B5 newsprint), four pieces, 4B pencil 1 eraser 1 approaching houses were ready for Tues, Wed cotton, portraits, liberalization, and in turn, to draw portraits, but other sex (two sex) be given a sheet of paper, draw a same-sex (gay) to draw the piece at each end of a piece so that patient takes note of the time the notice is placed.

Three. Green after the question

There. Tues houses
Several-story high-rise building geuryeoteumyeon

  1. nyago ask.
  2. whose house is this house?
  3. want to live as anyone else in the house?
  4. This house is greater than your house small?
    (Small house inferiority, the desire to have a big house)
  5. This house is a house with a happy and loving?
  6. tonghaneunga at the door where the roads?

B. Cotton can be

  1. What is a tree?
    Evergreens (heart blue), larch (depressed)
  2. Do not museonghanga trees do?
  3. The tree is a few years?
    (Old tree underlying the depressed feelings)
  4. This tree is greater than your small?

Are. Portraits

  1. How old? (Normal to draw the same age)
  2. geuryeotneunga whom?
  3. What do you think?
  4. What does this person need it most?
  5. the person’s health status?

Four. HTP to the symbol (Hammer of the analysis)

There. Tues houses

Patient’s own home life is reminiscent of dreaming home, a home of the past or current dissatisfaction is expressed Ash home. In addition, the home has on their attitudes and feelings are also displayed.

B. Cotton can be

The patient has the emotional and unconscious conflicts, sexual level, maturity and represents a continuous and deeper than the basic emotions and attitudes indicate (forbidden, repressed emotion, express feelings do not want to admit).

Are. Portraits

Their impression of the patient or his wish ingansang, interpersonal attitudes and society is ever to read eungdo.

La. Liberalization

Than the subjects of special significance jinigi understand what is the problem of the HTP conduct a comprehensive analysis to help you get the party for the environment adapt attitudes, unconscious feelings and conflicts, sexual level, the mental aspects greatly help to identify and gives.

Five. HTP test with color

Pencil drawing with more colorful than that, if faced with strong repression toughness (character) represents the deep layer of the (Hammer).

For color Olschuler. A view to introduce such is as follows.

  1. black: gray paper, with depressed mood represent, repression, regression, and strong relationships with anxiety and fear that have the means.
  2. White: antisocial attitudes and association (Jolles. L) represents.
  3. Blue: A little depressed mood and self-expression of the desire to control, suppress, represent.
  4. Green: have a very controlled feeling of stability indicates
  5. multicolor: not a part of normal use, the defensive attitude and emotional immaturity, and means star.
  6. Red: love and attention of people around the wish is dragged.
  7. Amber: juvenile hostility and aggression as their favorite color represents.
  8. blue: indicates the desire of power.

Six. Formal analysis of HTP

Type analysis houses Tues, Wed cotton, are common in portraits.

  1. check the patient’s attitude at the time (whether active, passive responses)
  2. When the order of draw
  3. the size of the picture (in the middle of 3.2 to draw more than normal).
  4. the location of the picture
    (on the left side draw inward, inferiority, extraversion, activity on the right side draw means)
  5. pressure-density and good
  6. narrative perspective
    . Frontal Tues: nature himdeulmyeo hard and uneasy compromise, which is implied by emotion that a lot of women tend Lee. If you drew a man exhibitionists opportunity to be suspicious.
    . Rear Pictures: escaped consciousness, schizophrenia is suspected.
    Next to the picture: the reality and try to reach one of the dishonest and have a tendency to flee.
  7. symmetry: anxiety feelings, dependent, childish thinking, emotional control, compulsive and schizophrenia odd symmetry is suspected.
  8. segmented (specifically draw pictures) obsessive desire, morbid desire to interfere for the environment and the excessive tendency of the part will not be a good thing.
  9. line of the horizon: Many are anxious to show emotion.
  10. movement: active, aggressive, active people, this movement seems to respond.
  11. shadow (zero) indicates the general feelings of anxiety.

Seven. Content Analysis of HTP

There. Tues houses

(1) Roof
Fancy a symbol of life to the area in question is the size of the roof.

  1. the roof of the small house in another part of the large
    . Interpersonal relationships and tendency of a recession is often fiction.
  2. painting walls and roof with
    Dangerous and utopian thinking and schizophrenia doubtful.
  3. of the roof line
    . Weaken self-control is weak draw.
    . Strongly doubt draw the anxiety neurosis.
  4. home form

. Thatched-introversion, escape tendencies, has been the inherent inferiority.
High-rise house – is delusional.

(2) Wall

  1. strength and relationship of the self and the wall or on the wall of the room is unclear whether the room is painted the inside surface of the immature concepts, skills and appreciation of the reality show defects.
  2. one side of the wall and the other side does not have the right combination Patients suspected of substrate can not control the urge nor a primitive double personality may be suspected to be the owner.
  3. The emphasis of the horizon and the potential emotional problems are suspected homosexual tendency.

(3) doors

Direct interaction with the environment, the means actively interpersonal attitude means.

  1. door in the house is less than the helplessness and lack of social skills, means escapism.
  2. door in the house is larger than the active social means.
  3. door key to highlight a device such as a high or defensive when you question indicates susceptibility.
  4. draw on the side of the door and escape tendencies represents prudence.

(4) windows

The windows of the house to be the same as the human eye contact with the environment means passive.

  1. If you draw the window, avoiding contact with an alien enemy, the enemy’s retreat suggests tendencies.
  2. strict emphasis on the grid when the window curtains in severe obsessive-compulsive tendency (plenty on bicycle thieves).
  3. triangle on the door of the female genital expression of interest is also excessive.
  4. 2 story high-rise building more than one story high-rise building, highlighting in particular when dozens of delusional schizophrenia doubt (MMPI 6, 8 scale high) sees it.

(5) and smoke stack

Tues houses that you do not draw on the chimney stack, especially the emphasis is usually an intimate relationship with the symbol of the penis means there is no relationship.

  1. draw a slant stack on his penis is an expression of weakness.
  2. hold the stack, ringing, stack lines highlight the gender of your own in the maladaptive sense of reward (desire) and the other to produce.
  3. a small stack castration anxiety, inability to sex as means
  4. geuryeoteumyeon many intimate personal relationship with stack and represents the desire.
  5. to stack a lot of stale smoke of subjects draw tension, conflict in the home, emotional turmoil is stood.
  6. smoke geuryeoteumyeon his belly by the strong wind pressure on the environment can infer emotions are displayed.
  7. smoke to flow from right to left, draw a sense of pessimism represents a flow from left to right, the real appreciation of the pathological defect trend (Jolles) the suspect can be seen.

(6) Other

  1. room
    . Normal human relationships and experience to represent the young people tend to exhibit an obsessive cross the.
    The living room when the display of implicit social manifestation means that the desire.
    Restaurant and toilet needs love when you draw a cleft lip and step response (mothering) can think of.
  2. fence wall of the house, rain water goblets, old, etc.
    The fence wall of defense to help draw means the desire for stability.
    . Rainwater rest of the defense and the desire to help reliable means obsessive tendencies.
  3. a forest of trees and distant mountains
    Mountains in the small house wanted to draw a refuge and stability means rare.
    The forest, such as in the home means that you draw the defensive man.
    Forest and disheveled man in the garden flowers, paint or draw the unstable state (separate nature) appear to produce.
    The tree is a symbol of the parent.
  4. way: control, contact with others, a new friendly atmosphere
    . Actively with others long and narrow road shows will contact.
    . Broad contact with others in a short way to show aggressiveness.
    . Broad end of long narrow road means poor interpersonal relationships.
  5. narrative perspective (perspective)
    . Bird’s-eye view of the home and the environment from man appears to reject.
    Below this figure up from an inferiority complex, lack of interpersonal relationships, sense of incongruity, the family is able to infer is dissonant.

B. Cotton can be

(1) tree trunk
The center of the tree trunk and the fundamental forces of nature for the patient’s feelings show.

  1. the environment for a very large tree trunks and aggressive behavior means that aggressively.
  2. small tree trunks ego weakness, not gyeoldanseong shows his lack of or improper integration can not be satisfied, sometimes temperament disorders are suspected.
  3. ? No source
  4. climb up a tree trunk is horizontal not feel the pressure of the outside world need for achievement loss, superficial obedience, means adapted state.
  5. bending like a willow tree stems from a real escape, retreat, autism, regression to the mean.
  6. emphasize the outline of a tree trunk, or his character is reinforced to maintain the stability and the outline of the tree trunk is a poor means self-collapse and unstable state.
  7. broken tree trunks painted surface will feel the pressure of subjects beyond the Line of Control, and broken tree struck by lightning often draw the criminals or the mentally ill.
  8. dry tree trunk means a loss of self-control.

(2) branches
Twigs get satisfaction from the environment, and what you want to accomplish with the patient geoteuroseo ability, potential, adaptability, and will want to find out.

  1. 2-D is not the usual kind of lines drawn with two school-age infants appear after geoteuroseo draw lines on both sides of the nature of intelligence and suggests that there is a delay.
  2. line was drawn by two wooden poles that line during the stem is not drawn correctly in helplessness, self-will, and the weak organic disorder or severe trauma seems that experience.
  3. wooden poles, stems well-balanced picture of the kind of patient satisfaction with the environment, shows that the ability to get the high and low harmony indicates that it could not be.
  4. according to the kind of the end of the stem with the aggressive representation drawn lurch, and the end of the two kinds of costs, if jiui thicker than the thickness of a reckless personality from those displayed.
  5. dry or broken branches of a traumatic experience shows that mentality, helplessness, wihwa sense, refers to passive dry drew a picture of the prognosis is not good people.
  6. shadow to draw wonderfully well with others and a desire to fellowship is
  7. over the outstretched stick with a lush fantasy win one hopeful, active, passionate and down loose twigs (willow), passive, helpless, non-active, recession means for something.

(3) leaves
The leaves are painted on tree trunks or branches is usually likened to the leaves by the stem and branches should be interpreted.

  1. tree trunks and leaves a long and big is this little thing many infants and the elderly, when the reaction in adults with mental and neurotic degeneration should be considered.
  2. jjaleunde tree trunks and branches of the big picture, the leaves lush and hopeful long-awaited one is the meaning and passion.
  3. tree trunks and branches with leaves too much draw is too small. Satisfy the desire of the excessive nature of the instability of the equilibrium means that broken.
  4. the linear and angular leaf-shaped figure I separate and alien nature and the difficulty in compliance means that.
  5. The leaves are round flexible social figure shows that the gay character, round tip of the leaves in the tree trunk is going down under rely retardation, indecisiveness, feelings are expressed in the presence of liquidity.
  6. If leaves on a regression and I’m out the possibility of a sudden behavioral means.
  7. this form means harmony in interpersonal relationships.
  8. This figure refers to dishonesty and to draw the defense from the boy flying frequently appear.
    Thus NIB draw
  9. impulsive, dual personality, aggressive person.

(4) roots
Roots, so that the whole tree rests on the subject’s reality is interpreted as an expression of dominance.

  1. excessive emphasis on the roots
    This lack of self-confidence and emotional responses, and anxiety, and disorders such as schizophrenia and temperament should suspect. Roots appear much emphasis on moron are you so interested in the relationship between reality and self-control Will the concern expressed is over.
  2. dry, dry tree roots on the stem to draw
    Infants from the experience and emotions as a sign associating depression suicide attempt shall be careful.

(5) Other

  1. If the line of
    . Could show cotton response to the large number of ground and anxiety definition display, is displayed in the lower limit of the paper If the anxiety, depression, interpersonal relations are suggested as immature.
    . Draw biased ground means avoiding anxiety and aggressive response.
    . The ground round the display means when the display of cleft lip and desires.
  2. the relationship between the sun and
    The sun draw the dependent and displays a strong sense of authority about.
    The sun only draw without drawing cloud represents the difficulty to reach the desire affection.
  3. old trees
    Helplessness, schizophrenia, self-anxiety (sex offenders), shall be deemed guilty in the state draw.
  4. wood wounds: jeolhyeol, sobriety, receipt, swimming
    Lightning during a severe wound by a lifetime of experience in the self-wounded, receiving a sexually inexperienced characters often draw excessive complained to swim.
  5. the slope of the tree
    Self-defense, introverted, passive, retreating to show eligibility. For others, however, a positive and active 이율배 shall be deemed to have expressed general feelings.
  6. special tree
    . Painted one side of the trees. → Mental Illness
    Christmas tree (decorated with lots of wood) → current poetic  Leaves a large tree → obsessive over-reaction
    . Pollen → dependent anxiety, lack of autonomy, reliability crave Wood fruit display → dependent on the needs (with the exception of parody promo)
    On a tree birds crave affection Figure →
    . Rustic, animals, flowers, fruit and fun display picture → The tree so I told them to draw landscape  → fiction and reality, one rich in emotions lack of adaptability (intuitive)
    The dry tree → who do not have hope, a lot of sex offenders appears to

Are. Portraits

(1) means
The first patient draws portraits, self-phase (body image), or on the outside of his second, his relationship with the people and how ordinary people perceive whether express.

① eccentric characters, not real people, the equilibrium is broken to draw humans indicate discomfort.
② above award for his usual subjects tend to draw on the wish into reality the body, the shoulder is small and weak people just going to draw on the body good.
③ If his relationship with the person who drew the most good, the most hated, or shall be construed as having ambivalence.
④ Hammer’s view
. Draw from the body for self-concept means inadequate.
Of the body than the clothing on the first draw chinhwagam in relationships, lack of warm feelings, cold injeongmi means.
The bridge from the first draw indicates that sexual conflict inherent.
To face interpersonal turmoil eventually draw means.
The penis is exposed degeneration, schizophrenia symptoms can be seen that the projection.
⑤ draw first sex
. Draw the opposite sex first sex means for the identification of the confusion and problems in their gender roles has performed Were they rely on reason and represents the fixation.
Especially men draw their own sex first woman image display is interpreted as a complaint.

(2) portraits of each part of the body

1) Hair
Will present the most important as a place of his neurosis, depression, social regression characters, except that the head is very stressed. (Machover)
Big hair: a strong positive intellectual needs, desires fancy symbol (college students tend to draw relatively large) the.
The head is too big: brain surgery have been or who are sensitive to headaches, temperament disability, mental retardation Now, narcissistic tendency of people, intelligent people with strong surface vanity, paranoid from a lot of people with a sense of self-expansion appear.
Head or implied compulsion small people tend to deny the intellectual control complex and a source of headaches in the negative sense of guilt, or a person, including intellectual weakness tends to draw.
: Back view heads escape character, a person with schizophrenia, paranoid type tends to draw.
Next to his face to confuse fantasy, hallucinations, compulsive people in the struggle for control of a tendency to draw a lot.

2) Face
The most prominent face of the body, which is the center part and the contact with reality shows yeohahi gareul contact.
In general, if the face emphasize relationships and their appearance for others too can be seen as a sign of excessive interest.
Face realistic to omit the expression of a recession means plenty scared, indicates
Face paint on the eyes and nose, and leave the space without a clear idea about the gender as referring to conflicts eopdeonga care costs.

3) the mouth and lips
Geoteuroseo suffered sexual sensual, satisfying erotic meaning is Ginny. (Machover)
Big mouth, the mouth of a special form, erasers erased mouth, with a strong line emphasized the degeneration of infancy suggests wearing gusungi adhere to the one from alcoholic or depressed person appears, sexual problems may jinil. If the enemy attacks highlight the cleft lip and mouth from the impulse of the two is due to anxiety.
. Teeth appear to draw from morons wearing an infant and young adults and adults geseo swiunde If this ever desire Cleft representation of the stress and urge hysteria, schizophrenia patients can be seen from.
Tongue and mouth visible subjects of interest are concentrated in the mouth, suggesting the presence of cleft lip and erotic.
Big mouth of arches that emphasize critical, aggressive and mouth slightly apart arches means dependent needs.
A smiling face, a big mouth indicates the existence of inappropriate affection.
. Mouth that does not draw the necessary interaction with the outside world in cleft lip and activities regressive feel this conflict is inherent or guilt.
Mouth cleft lip ever bite the pipe can be seen as an expression of sexuality.
Next to his face when the jaws are highlighted weakness, lack of determination, responsibility, and fear of such compensation if the emphasis of the jaw suggests weakness in the social scene and the female archetype, you emphasize the jaw means dependent men .

4) Snow
Represents the inner life of the human eye of the mind, as well as changil basic institutions that are in contact with an alien.
. Closed eyes that go deep into the world of his narcissistic fantasy alien with a stronger block and the state is believed to have lost spontaneity.
Eyes that are highlighted geoteuroseo want to represent themselves in the alien aggressive or too much emphasis on realistic and to attract the attention bar representation, dependent trend is due to
Too big eyes draw the main character of the comic, unless wariness and jealousy are associated with.
A hat, glasses and eyes hidden by the desire to escape from unpleasant stimuli alien to suspect that the psychological state means.
Small eyes narcissistic and avoidance of contact with extraterrestrial prone.
Your eyes and not the pupil is green means that there are many conflicts and inherent sense of guilt or self-centered person indicates that.

5) Ear
Your organization is a relatively passive ear when special emphasis suspicion, distrust, such as delusions or gay person can doubt the conflict.

6) Hair
Men’s hair can be seen as an indicator of impulse.
. Attractive hair nicely painted like a wave that can be seen as the desire of sexual misconduct.
Darkness darkens when emphasis is sexually insecure state.
. Hold the hair is not painted or shading means that the owner of sexual ambivalence.
. Beard is a symbol of masculine penis extent and nature comes from separation.

7) Co-
Usually regarded as a symbol of the penis nose.
. Longer appropriate nose is associated with sexual intensity.
Button nose in infants as small as means degeneration.
Koh overemphasis of compensation for what is sexually weak.
Koh chorogi draw a significant depression or sexual aversion because it represents the time of analysis requires attention.
. Nose is a special form of sexual inferiority, sexual impotence, homosexuality, castration fear means.
. Emphasizes the nostrils when strong aggression means.

8) Neck
Area and the urge to point out that connect the area agencies, the neck is not painted the picture of a child there are many things.
. Thick, short neck draw is impulsive and stubborn nature.
. Draw a long, thin neck is discrete, schizophrenic nature.
. Throat draw a picture that does not have impulse control children, mental retardation, degenerative, immature, narcissistic hyangim means light.

9) Breasts
Male breast highlight this woman image, you rely on a combination of desire and seongchungdong mean, not in the breast chyeojyeo to miteu mochinsang means.
. Circle, draw a young woman image is reminiscent of the.
. Chest if you have a strong emphasis on the dominant means mochinsang.
. Women emphasize large breasts and pelvic productive, if you self-identify with the dominant means for mochinsang.

10) Shoulder
Represents the strength and physique symbolizes masculine power.
. When emphasizing wide shoulders appear masculine power and a strong desire to show off the self-manifestation of the presence of sex to mean flying boy, pokryeokbeom case of power represents a manifestation of the desire. Women with broad shoulders draw the protest is for men.
A small shoulder is a sign of an inferiority complex figure.

11) Hip
Emphasis on mental and sexual development immature hip means for men suspected of homosexual tendencies and emphasize a woman’s ass when namseongsang protest means for men.

12) Waist
Overstressing of the waist line or a dashed line seongchungdong conflict with the representation and control means.
. Too finely drawn back is a growing sentiment about rebellion.
. Shoulders excessively high figure indicates that aggressive.
. Drawing naked lack of morality can be inferred.

13) Apparel
Self-conscious about clothing and the body is interpreted to be a strong interpersonal, social expression looks for the moral.
. Clothing without drawing nude penis draw, draw or sexual conflict, sexual maladjustment, social rebellion against schizophrenia, can be questioned.
. Ordinary clothing or decorations without showing too much emphasis kkumimyeon her narcissistic tendencies, society, saying current society wants to receive recognition from the display of poetic and social and sexual desire is the means temptation.
. Did not care to dress shabby clothing deemed Utopian dream world.

14) button
Button as a symbol of the nipple needs to rely on his mother sees.
. Too much emphasis on the button, a green button above seven steps, including cleft lip and degeneration of the fixation means, or dependent and often attract and draw people with helplessness.
. Partial sleeves and buttons highlight the button is self-centered, obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

15) Ties
The emphasis of the tie in the picture a lot of youth and male genital natananeunde is to build a relationship with.
. Emphasis on small tie is an expression of sexual weakness.
. Ties to draw a dark shadow is the expression of sexual maladjustment.
. Too much emphasis on the sexual bujokgam tie gwabo sangyigo of sexually aggressive person.
. Bow tie-shaped interest in sex, or sexual aggression means a lot.

16) Other accessories
. Biting or pipe tobacco in portraits, shoot stick, and draw kkakjitson usually means the masculine desire.
. Youth appear in the back of the belt is to control the sex urge awareness.
. Earrings sexual interest and exposure prone.
. What is the perfect handbags, hand-specific needs, and self-manifestation indicates eligibility.

17), eight
Eight for self development, social adaptation, protection, protective side represents the environment, the control of aggressive displays.
. Outstretched arms out away from the body for the environment means an aggressive desire.
. If the arm is attached to the body in a passive, defensive display emotions.
. If the arm away from impulsive, if the arm is attached indicates the passive, defensive eligibility.
. Two hands together in the future if the hostility, suspicion means.
. Do not look back and arms and draw the enemy’s offensive, companionship and should not compromise the well.
. Drawing a line in one arm, but the physical and mental self-control is weak and should urge inadequacy on the environment means
. Emphasized the long arm of the muscles in the arm for the environment, to achieve what you want to acquire is a sign of emotion.

18) Hand
Is the means by which compliance with interpersonal relationships.
. Highlight or shadow hand (shaded) will steal my stuff you draw, masturbation sin against you, such as displaying akgam interpersonal anxiety is
. Back eotjwin hand (crazy Shea) draw aggressive interpersonal contact means trouble.
. Put the hand in the pocket of refuge attitudes about masturbation show or to display flight phenomenon is often from youth.
. Hand contact with significant others is difficult to draw, to compensate for their weakness, social needs are displayed.
. If your hands is near genital masturbation shall be deemed to indicate your interest in.
. If you leave your hands on the waist or sexual sexually tougher attitude appears to produce defensive approach.
. If more emphasis fingers sticky fingers, refers to a sense of guilt about masturbation.

19) Finger
Acts directly on the environment hwanda display.
. Specifically, if the nails show is offensive, delusional.
. If the rebellion raised hands and arms up to see one show.
. Five fingers one by one draw is ambitious, aggressive, delusional.

20), foot (feet)
. Pants that do not show beneath your feet, or sexual, mental depression, depressed people may be immature and people with castration fear may be.
. Unbalanced long legs crave stability represents a conflict.
. One long and one short leg autonomous control is inherent weak emotion.
. Woman toe, finger nail polish to paint the attack this psychological condition is implied is that.

Eight. The reaction of the HTP test of the personality traits
There. Desire

(1) the desire to achieve, achievement
Jimyeo large tree head broke, do not luxuriant foliage means that the achievement pessimistic.

(2) independence, autonomy

  1. desire to draw a tree on a hill means that independently, independently.
    Drawing a lone tree in a remote village
  2. represents solitude.
  3. When the chin emphasize the superiority of social status, shall be deemed emphasized.draw bridge so that the expressed desire of independence and autonomy is interpreted.

(3) dependence desire and affection

  1. If the line of the horizon, from cotton can be a non-dependent part of the house that means you draw.
  2. tree fruits, flowers, and draw a dependent parent, or fun, shall be interpreted as self-expanding.
  3. draw the sun to get a sense of parental authority means 23:30.
  4. When the ground is dependent emphasized.
  5. Main Main highlights the dependence of the larger display on the environment are considered.
  6. kitchen, dining room, if you highlight stack needs affection and sexual interest suggests plenty.
  7. Christmas tree, woman image if to emphasize the breasts of a strong desire for motherhood means.

B. Characteristic

(1) extroversion, introversion,
In the center of the paper to the right, draw largely extroverted and, at the center of the paper below, to the left of introversion looks small draw.

(2) rigidity and plasticity
Gangbakseong carefully draw a line interpreted as an expression of, and a broken tree status or curved, bent jyeoteumyeon drawn to infer that plasticity is interpreted.

(3) tendency to escape recession thinking
Section houses in the form of angry red, introverted nature retreat and draw the curtains in the window give you learned is if the interpretation of retreated, fled.

(4) denial of attitude

  • Instructed to draw pictures to show rejection
  • Paper, turning round and round
  • One part to the next step, leaving unfinished feeling
  • Fallen fruit pictures
  • Figure overly small sun
  • Bird’s eye view looking up from under that figure, not

Are. Adaptation

(1) aggression and hostility

  • Drawing paper or refuses to turn a few laps
  • Picture too strongly pressure-
  • Window curtains Pictures
  • Emphasis on the face or nose, teeth, that too much emphasis
  • Boxing stance fist, clenched fists, and emphasizes
  • Forward Shea crazy attitude (implied masturbation) and taking

(2) self-expanding

  • Extreme Picture Picture
  • Pressure-obvious or strong jaw line and emphasizes
  • Tree flowers, fruits and Displays

(3) helplessness and inferiority

  • The picture is small (the paper about 1/2 or less) a weak pressure-door or small picture
  • Small shoulders, arms too short Pictures
  • Paper at the bottom of the draw or the green house and trees after the sun, the moon (a symbol of affection) that displays

Ⅲ. Flying through the re-HTP predictions

I fly ash, based on the study of the diagnosis of the boy’s personality traits, to assess the nature of the extraction and classification standards that can be used for screening when to introduce the main results,
First, houses a large screen door, open the door with particular emphasis on the way through when in contact with an alien reality expresses a desire to adapt to.
Second, the house windows on the screen in the corner of a wall or draw a single line along the lines of windows and walls, because the instability strongly suggests a more stable psychological crave.
Third, over the door to the house in homes Tues draw too much affection by the lack of reaction to hearing that dependence is expressed.
Fourth, the number of trees cut from cotton tree and holding a draw batchin lack of independence and the unstable state of sentiment is expressed.
Fifth, the portraits at the end of the paper from the bottom of the foot or leg amputation draw small inherent weakness and inferiority strongly suggest that.

Ⅳ. Conclusion

How to diagnose an individual’s personality in that projective There are a number of ways to navigate the unstructured, so a variety of reactions and free responses to identify the benefits that can be said.
Of course, the objectivity and validity of projective methods for the purposes of the problem, due to the difficulty that there is in fact also is
However, psychological tests, the position occupied by the look of the HTP Test,

First, check the kind of personality tests that belong to the time the position can be seen as personal checks

Second, inspection of the contents, form, classified by the nature of the orientation test area belongs to the personality tests personality tests among test work test work among the project belongs to the inspection laws, and the projection of the representation beopgeom four tests that can belong to.
On the other hand, the picture of the projective functions in discussing forms of expression in the picture and psychological characteristics, such as the following relationship exists between the subject sees that.

First, it is a representation of languages.

Second, is the expression of life experience acquired gaenyeomga.

Third, the self-image (self-image) is a representation of.

Fourth, is the expression of creative thinking.

Fifth, is the expression of desire.

Sixth, is the projection of personality traits.

Seventh, is the unconscious projection of the world.

Finally, I want to emphasize that the interpretation should be cautious is that through the pictures projected (projection), defense mechanisms (defence machanism), symbol (symbolism) to read the psychological characteristics
Effective use of diagnostic humanity, nature Tweezers fortune teller, but the interpretation of the expression should not be a big mistake.

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